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Numerical control turning principle analysis.

CNC machine tools is controlled by digital information, namely the information processing code, and move the tool path information recording medium in a program, and then input the CNC system, and decoding arithmetic, the relative motion of the control machine tool and the workpiece, all the requirements of control processing status, work out the required artifacts of machine tools.

CNC lathe is one of the most commonly used CNC metal cutting machines. The main motion and feed motion of the CNC lathe are driven by different motors, and these motors can be controlled by the control system of the machine tool to achieve stepless speed regulation.

The transmission of the ordinary lathe is driven by a motor, it can only be adjusted after a fixed speed and direction of processing; The CNC machine tool is driven by multiple motors, it can be controlled at any time by the CNC system of each motor, at any time to change the speed and direction of processing, so you can process a variety of complex parts.