Our Services

Pre-Sales Services:

1. We provide quotation service within 24H, that is to say, when we receive your inquiry, we will reply within 24 hours. If individual projects require more time, we will inform you in advance.

2. When we receive your inquiry, we will review the drawings you provided. If we think there are some problems in processing some features, we will send DFM (Design For Manufacturability) to you for free, and you can communicate with your designer to meet smooth production and save costs.

3. When we receive your inquiry, if the price of the material you specified is relatively high, we will provide you with a quotation of the alternative material for your choice, and send the material proof of the alternative material for your reference.

4. For some customers who do not know much about surface treatment, we can provide optional surface treatment for your reference according to the scene of the use of your parts.

Sales Services

1. When we receive your formal order, we will review all the drawings of the whole order again, in case there are any problems found in the quotation stage. If there are any problems, we will send DFM to you again for confirmation.

2. Some designers have ignored the problem that CNC machines can’t process right angles when designing parts, so when we encounter such drawings, we will also advise customers to modify right angles to radii.

3. After we start to produce parts, we will take the initiative to report the production progress of orders to customers.

4. When the parts are finished, we will inspect the parts and make the inspection report. Under normal circumstances, as long as we pass the inspection, we can directly ship to the customer. However, some customers still insist that we send the report to them and get their approval before shipping. Therefore, we are also willing to send the inspection report to them and get their approval before shipping.

5. We will take photos of the parts before shipment so that if the parts are lost in transit, we can present favorable evidence to claim compensation from the courier, and we can also upload the photos to your system if you need.

6. For the orders that some customers need to come to our factory for inspection in person, we also welcome the arrival of customers. We will fully cooperate with the customer to complete the inspection.

After-Sales Services

1. We guarantee that our materials and workmanship are based on the terms of the order and the information provided by you.

2. For almost all parts, we will make 1-2 PCS more as spare parts on the basis of the order quantity to prevent any problems in processing from affecting the completion time of parts. So after the order is successfully completed, these spare parts will be retained for a period of time.

3. When we receive your complaint, we will first check whether our company has spare parts. If so, we will ask if you need us to send them to you. Secondly, we will investigate the causes of the problems you have described. If it is caused by us, we will also be responsible for our mistakes. If it is caused by customers, we will also assist customers to deal with it.

4. Any disputes based on a subjective determination shall be brought to the attention of management who will act in good faith to provide you with complete satisfaction.